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Smash bosses. With your friends. Using only one button.

Legend speaks about warriors known as the Brawlers, who defend the kingdom from monsters that come to destroy and wreak havoc. Each brawler is a gifted tactician and fighter, and each one can finish off foes using only a single finger.


BBBB is an online multiplayer game where you fight bosses using only a single button. You can play with up to 3 of your friends. Players must take turns pressing buttons in order to complete patterns and damage the boss. Time is running out, so you must hurry if you want to beat all three bosses.

How to play

BBBB only uses a single button to play the game (the default is spacebar). You must press the button when it is your turn to press. Sometimes, you will have to press and hold the button before releasing.

Player 2 must press twice, then Player 3 must press twice.

Player 2 must hold while Player 3 presses twice.

Looking for people to play with? Join our steam group!

Hosting a server

If you want to play over the internet with your friends you will need to port forward. The port for BBBB is 22122 (UDP).

Instructions for port forwarding can be found all over the internet.

If you are connecting to someone else's server, you do not need to port forward.


This game was made for the One Button Jam (August 2016).

Made by:

Robert "Nuthen" Piepsney (@Nuthen)

Greg "kaiser_czar" Peacock (@kaiser_czar)

Cameron "Ikroth" McHenry (camchenry.com)

Art made by:

Simon Ando Chim (simonmakesgames.com)


Update 1 (2016/8/22)

  • Increased the time bonus for the last round.


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BBBB.love v1.01 (requires LÖVE) 7 MB
BBBB.zip v1.01 10 MB


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could i do this with a ps4 controller

brub when u gonna make 4th level lmao??

I dont know what is the port forward anybody can help me plss


Source code link no longer works. Is the code still available? What is the license?

im online now


The thing is, I really want to play it but I can't because no one is online. Ever. I waited 3 hours for people to join and no one ever did. I genuinely wanted to test it out before recommending it to my friends but I can't do that.

Same here


hey can i do this on just one keyboard

Really good game.I liked playing it with my friends

Please release 2nd episode?


Keep getting an error when launching on linux, I have installed love l aready I dont know what to do

I know it's a little late , but you probably just have a version of love too old or new , on linux love games aren't retrocompatible :( , you have to follow this procedure : https://love2d.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=85694&p=223140#p223140


Played a few games of it already with everywhere between a party of 2 and 4. If you're like me and you don't bother to read the controls with your friends, you will stumble into a frantically fast-paced rhythm game where the spacebar becomes your best friend.

Play this game if you're looking for an exciting and engaging time with strangers or your best friends!


A dev of the game here. If you're looking for a group to play the game with, feel free to check out the steam group and we can coordinate a time to play. BBBB Steam Group