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But it's a Very Very LITTLE game, 10minutes MAXIMUM   :-((

All works ok, but difficult 2 make something not working with a 10minutes game... And the game don't have music

Installing via the itch client doesn't work. Could not launch with love either...

"application crashed. process exited with code 127"

Hi, thanks for trying our game, I'm sorry that you weren't able to launch it. The itch client currently does not support LÖVE2D games, that issue can be tracked here:

The game requires LÖVE version 0.10.1, it will not work on any version of LÖVE 11.x. If you provide me with further details, I can assist you further.

Very nice my dude, fairly short with no proper ending but quite good so far

Very engaging! Simple and well done. Just enough mystery and I want more!

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I love this game. I REALLY LOVE IT.. Please make more games. You guys really AWESOME. I played it and upload it in youtube soon. Thanks for your hard and great work.


I love this! The colours and graphics remind me of a gameboy colour (good memories). Excellent job on the game! c: